adidas nominata “Sports Business of the Year” da Yahoo Finance

adidas nominata “Sports Business of the Year” da Yahoo Finance

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Jessica Longhi

La nomina di “Sports Business of the Year” quest’anno, secondo il Yahoo Finance, va ad adidas. Dopo aver fatturato 19 miliardi di dollari incrementando i suoi ricavi del ben 20%, niente di più meritato. Gran parte del suo recente successo lo deve alle collaborazioni con artisti del calibro di Kanye West e Pharrell Williams ma soprattutto all’introduzione dell’innovativa tecnologia Boost che le ha letteralmente permesso di fare il “botto”.

“I think because we have both performance products and style products, it’s not easy, but it gives us the opportunity to chase the consumer where the consumer wants to be,” dice Mark King, presidente dell’azienda in Nord America. “UltraBoost is the greatest example of it. It was going to be the ultimate running shoe, which it is, and now it’s the ultimate fashion shoe. These products can play both, and that’s not easy to do, but that’s the opportunity.”

King aggiunge anche “Honestly, our products today are way better than they’ve ever been. When you look at what we have today with NMD, Yeezy, UltraBoost… the franchises, there’s a lot of them, not just one or two.”