“I believe to a Superior Architect” all about Face

Why face 13 is your stage name? Tell us about you.

The name that is given to us by our parents it’s not our real name. The name I have chosen comes from the way in which my friends called me. Face 13 is the name of my instagram’s account. I am Face.

In which way did you start as a writer? Tell us about your project “Panic Room”

Before becoming a writer, I have been a skater for many years. Skating is a culture that has always fascinated me than the writing that at the beginning has had negative aspects.

Panic Room was born as a study of graphic and artistic consulting, production and product research for brands of clothing and accessories also experts in printing techniques on tissues. Furthermore, it boasts a vast archive of 80’s and 90’s selected vintage and luxury tissues.

Which are you main influences?

I am a person with a strong aesthetic influence, thanks to skateboarding. I have been lucky to met the Masters of Art Aerosoul that trained me as a visionary architect.

How was it cooperating with Elio Fiorucci?

I had the luck to work with Elio Fiorucci in 1999 for the staging of a store window in San Babila with the items of the lines which I drew: SUPERNOVA and Letal Entertainment. The shop window represented a screen of a video game with huge fonts and accessories of my collection of retro videogames.

whatsapp-image-2016-11-07-at-15-25-47Asap Bari was responsible for the Vlone pop up shop scenography. How was working with him?

Thanks to the guys of Slam Jam, who put me in touch with Vlone, I knew  Asap Bari via facetime and we immediately understood. He was impressed by my skate with Jesus‘ dripping red wax and from there we decided to cover with wax a statue of the Immaculate Virgin.

whatsapp-image-2016-11-07-at-15-25-44Your works often refer to religious images. Are you a believer?

I believe to a Superior Architect who designed the whole world and doesn’t have a specific name.Everyone is free to find it in any name and in any thing. I don’t believe in religious fanaticism which, in the name of God, lead people in the exact opposite of the teachings.

What does the statue of the Black Virgin means?

The concept of the Black Virgin is represented by a dark grey color as if it was been vulcanized by 2,000 years of human sins. The gold holy parts are still visible and not contaminated, like the halo, eyes and the rosary. It has nothing to do with the evil’s symbolism.

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