Interview with Federico Maccapani @mbroidered

Interview with Federico Maccapani @mbroidered

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We interviewed Federico Maccapani @mbroidered, associate of adidas. Here what he revealed to us.

Q: When did you understand that your passion was the world of design?

A: When at school my teachers reprimanded me beacuse I sketched all the time instead of listen at them.

Q: What’s your favourite project?

A: I’m very satisfied with the works I done for Gucci, Off White, Missoni and County of Milan.

Q: Can you tell us something about your brand “Fugazi Motorsport”?

A: Fugazi is something more than a brand. It’s a wearable idea. It’s funny to transform logos and Fugazi it’s the evolution of this process. I was inspired by the world of car-racing, Nascar and F1. I think that branding, logo, placements and colors are very strong and iconic, so I wanted to create my own version. There are some artworks and products in the pipeline. I hope you will like my first tee!











Q: How was born the partnership with adidas?

A: The partnership was born in a simple way, posting my ideas. Thanks to blogs and friends, I was able to get in touch with the team. The next year will be fantastic!








Q: What do you think about the new Yeezy Boost 350 V2?

A: In my opinion V2 are better than V1. The construction, fitting, comfort and details are clearly above the V1. It’s kind of like Ultra Boost was made by Kanye.

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