Heron Preston annuncia la collaborazione con Nike

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Roberto Penna

È con un post di tributo a Nike che Heron Preston annuncia la sua collaborazione con il brand. Il creativo ci ha appena fatto sapere che il primo prodotto ad essere rilasciato saranno gli occhiali Tailwind, accessorio immancabile per Heron nel periodo in cui lavorò per Nike, ben 8 anni.

L’uscita dei Nike Tailwind HP è fissata per il 28 novembre. Diteci cosa ne pensate mentre attendiamo di sapere quando verrà rilasciato il resto della collaborazione.

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I think whats interesting about my story of being one of Nike’s newest collaborators is the fact that I actually used to work for the company 8 years ago. That transition from fan to employee changed my perspective of Nike and its products once I started to learn more about their philosophy, dedication to innovation and focus on the athlete. Nike is a sneaker famous brand, but when I worked there, my curiosities exploded. I wanted to discover more of what the brand had to offer beyond footwear. One of those products I discovered and fell in love with were the Nike tailwind performance glasses. I wore them nearly everyday. They had interchangeable lenses with different colors and felt so innovative to me. I was actually hyped on something that wasn’t a sneaker for once! This is why I decided that my first collaboration with Nike wasn’t going to be a sneaker or apparel, but an accessory, laser focused on the very same style of glasses that made me proud to work for such an ambitious and fearless company. I’m happy to announce that on NOV 29th 2018 the world will finally get to experience the “Nike Tailwind HP” performance sunglasses dropping worldwide.

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