Interview with cappiekaldi: his life between cartoons and sneakers

Outpump is always looking for new talents in the streetwear, sneakers and design world. As we known, right now artists use a lot social media like Instagram and Facebook for promoting immediately their works. Recently, we were impressed by the graphics of the young cappiekaldi. The Paris based character-designer, whose real name is Cherif Khaldi, shares through his artworks his love for hip-hop, sneakers and streetwear. His works are truly sensational and looks like Disney’s characters. Take a look at his IGs gallery.

We have decided to chit-chat with him to understand who really hides behind cappiekaldi and know something more about him.

1. Who is cappiekaldi? Introduce yourself.

My real name is Cherif Khaldi. I’m from Paris, 25 years old, and I work as Character Designer for Cartoon TV Show since 3 years (Calimero, F is For Family, Belle & Sebastian).

2. What are your studies? Have you studied graphics or are you a self-taught?

I’ve studied Computer Graphics and 3D Animation for 4 years, but Apparel and Footwear design is something I’ve learned on my own.

3. How do you realize your drawings?

I sketch them, line them, and color/texture them on Photoshop.

4. When did you decided to specialize in streetwear and sneakers?

Something like, a year ago…

5. What inspires you?

I love Hip Hop Music, the black culture is something pretty powerful for me. I also love Japan, and Japanimation. I’m impressed by Salehe Bembury, Jerry Lorenzo and Virgil Abloh. Also a huge fan of Marc Dolce and Tinker Hatfield! I do admire all of them.

6. Do you collab already with someone at the moment?

Got some secret projects yes.. But can’t tell about them… Sorry.

7. Do you want to collaborate with someone in particular?

I’d love to work for Adidas Yeezy/Y-3 line or Nike/NikeLab. Also would love to create an apparel collection for Kenzo, FOG,Off-White,Balmain.. I want to work with any cool brands that inspire me! Means, a lot!

8. Would you like to create your own clothing-line?

Yes! Totally! If I reach 50K Followers on Instagram, I’ll drop my first collection.

9. What happened between you and Jerry Lorenzo?

Nothing that big, I made the mistake of puttin his name as a Designer on my fantasy FOG x Adidas projects. And he didn’t really liked it. I was wrong, so I asked him and Adidas Sorry. And that ended pretty well, because we Live in a world with so many differents bad things.. That we should share only love, all love.. And I think that he’s an amazing man, and he follows the same rule.. Love before anything else!

We would like to say thanks to Cherif Khaldi a.k.a cappiekaldi for the exclusive graphic for Outpump. Cherif, you are the man!