Leaks and Instagram: pinoe77's keys to success

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What lies behind a leaks specialized Instagram account? We asked pinoe77 few questions about the management of his account and what he thinks about people that are against this kind of accounts.

We know that you are a youtuber and that you run an Instagram account specialized in leaks. But other than that, who is pinoe77?

PinoE77 is a lot of different things. I was raised in Canada in a traditional Italian family with my two parents, older sister and younger brother. Yes I’m the middle child 🙂 both my parents migrated from Calabria. I’m a fan of calcio I’m a milanista, forza rossoneri. I played soccer most my life but outside of the field I always had an interest in sneakers and as I got older and able to purchase pairs myself I got deeper into the culture and the world of leaks.

Running such a large and well-known IG account implies a great deal of work but also annoyances. Have you ever had any problems with brands?

Lol… annoyances is right. Unfortunately I’m aware that there is a split feeling about me, and others like me. The brands don’t necessarily like what we do but there are some within the brands who understand that we drive hype and interest to their products. I wouldn’t say I ever had any big issues with the brands. I did once receive a DM from Adidas asking me to take a leaked image down but I ignored they and never heard back from them again. Nike has also tried to copyright claim some of my posts but nothing I would say that really turned into an issue.

Recently a lot of magazines claimed that the sneaker game would be better if some secret information remained unknown. What do you think about this?

I understand the view some magazines have but I disagree. With the switch in technology from walking into a store to pick up a pair of sneaks moving to online and apps we have seen a shift in how and who can buy shoes, combined with the new hypebeast age where brands cater to the hype of a limited sneaker i feel myself and others like me are needed more than ever. With bots and add to carts services, web page monitors, scrapers etc all out there, the average consumer has no chance to cop a pair if they don’t have a heads up in date and time. The automated bots are difficult enough to beat now as it is, imagine if you didn’t know your favourite shoe was releasing? From the standpoint of the brands perspective I think they also need us. Instagram and other social media can help dictate what’s hot and what’s not. With just how competitive things have become in the space between Adidas, Nike and Jordan Brand, the brands need that extra push we give them. On the flip side of that, we definitely do increase the hype behind certain pairs which makes some harder to obtain. There’s two sides to the coin. Not as simple as saying it’s a good or it’s a bad thing.

What is your favorite sneaker? And what is the sneaker you wait the most?

Perfect time to ask me this question since it’s the Air Jordan 3 30th Anniversary. My favourite shoe of all time is the Air Jordan 3 WC. I remember watching Michael take off from the free throw line back in 88 with the white cements in his feet and since that point that shoe has been my favourite. I also think the silhouette and the use of the elephant print makes it unique. It was obviously made for on court performance but I see it less as an athletic shoe and more of a lifestyle/fashion item. Military Blue Air Jordan 4… 2019 to go along with the BRED 4 and a whole slew of others. If you’re a fan of the 4, you’re going to love 2019.