A little talk with Stone Island’s boss, Carlo Rivetti

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After the success of thel PROTOTYPE RESEARCH_SERIES 01 dropped in November 2016 composed by 100 Lasering On Liquid Reflective Base pieces, Stone Island introduced the second part of the project during the ongoing Milan Design week. This new chapter is about the handmade realization of a reversible jacket made of a light weight, waterproof and tearing resistant fabric, the Dyneema.

The new collection is composed by two set of 50 jackets each (result of a 2 years collaboration) colored with 50 different shades in the company’s color lab. The whole project will be available online only on the official Stone Island site at the end of this month.

The Outpump team had the opportunity to walk by the Via Savona 54 showroom where, until Sunday the 9th, the Stone Island pop up is located and have a little talk with the brand owner Carlo Rivetti.


How was the second part of the project born?

Three years ago entering a boating store i noticed an awesome blue hawser. The color and the lightness of that fabric caught my attention so i decided to ask more about it. I found out that it was Dyneema, one of the most resistant fiber in the world; from that moment i started a research but right after a couple months the Dyneema Project brand hit me up looking for a way to make their debut in the clothing industry since their fiber was just used for boat-cable, climbing ropes and bulletproof vests up to that point.

Last November during an interview for Portale Panbianconews you said that after an amazing 2016 the new year would have been a little quieter and a sort of transition. To be honest it looks the exact opposite, what is the goal for this 2017?

After the tumultuous 2016 rise even 2017 will see an even grow but with a constant perimeter, where the attention will be higher on the quality point of view. To make this happens we will limit the sales without looking for any growing plan.

How and why Stone Island is now ables to be part of the streetwear world?

Streetwear chose us, and i’m so proud about it. Stone Island hasn’t change in order to like more, thanks to all the collaborations, such the ones with Nike and Supreme, that allowed us to be recognized for what we really are. Our company speak a language easy to be understood in this world.

Nowadays the profound relationship between Stone Island and Drake is not a secret. The rapper has definitely helped the increase of popularity of the brand above the ocean. How is your relationship with him?

I’ve met him at his London tour date – have you seen our Instagram pic? – the concert was great and to me he immediately looked as a good heat person. Drake was already wearing Stone Island in 2010, when he wasn’t much famous yet but our relation started to grow a little after. Two years ago we started to invest in the North America’s market led by my son Matteo who randomly met Drake walking out of his house; from that moment a great friendship born. The man is not a testimonial, he is a real brand enthusiast and there’s true respect between us. In occasion of the European tour he decided to wear just Stone Island refusing a millionaire offer from an American brand; all the apparel that he wore on stage was made exclusively for him and will never be reproduced again.

Thanks to Mr. Carlo Rivetti for his kindness and our friend Marco Flaminio.