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Travelling around Europe there are many shops that stimulate our dream of buying all the sneakers around, but what’s behind a shop? Where the ideas came from?

We had the opportunity to talk and chill with Woei Tjin, owner of one of the most influent stores in the Netherlands and in Europe.

Here you are some questions:


OUTPUMP: How it all starts? The shop right now is a big thing also outside Netherlands, but what was before?

WOEI: Before I was a collector and I sold stuff on Martkplaats. When I put some cash in the pocket I call the bank with a business plan and 8 months later, here we are!

OUTPUMP: Next year the shop will make its 10th anniversary. For the 5th You made a crack with Asics GL3 Cervidae. What do we have to expect?

WOEI: We are in touch with Asics for another collaboration, but I can’t say too much right now. So wait and you’ll see!

OUTPUMP: Please tell us how the tale of the Cervidae starts? It’s one of the grails of our crew!

WOEI: Oh, well… Yeah I’ve some friends in Asics, just chatting about an anniversary edition for the shop and we arrange in some days all the set for materials, it’s kind an easy thing! Made me proud that the sneaker is also now a big thing in the sneaker game.


OUTPUMP: For the artistic side of the store, you have a great collaboration with Piet Parra and his iconic style. How it began?

WOEI: Me and Parra skate together from when we have like 14 years old! He made the logo of the store in like 10 minutes. We perfect fit each other!

OUTPUMP: You are a skater from the beginning… How do you judge this hype about skate brands like Trasher, Supreme, Palace etc.?

WOEI: Yeah, it’s freak, it’s like Kanye uses Trasher and bangs hype… I quit that game cause I don’t like anymore when I was younger was an hardcore thing, you know… drinking beers and skating… Right now I’m more like an old fashioned mood…

OUTPUMP: You went in Milan last days, what’s your impression about Italian streetwear?

WOEI: I was in the places were I skated, like Stazione centrale…It changes a lot! I went also to new Slam Jam shop, it was funny to see the Stussy x Air max 95… I thinked were sold out everywhere!


OUTPUMP: Last question, what’s your preferred sneaker?

WOEI: Right now, boost and primeknit are much comfortable technologies (wear NMD City Socks) but before I like so much Air Max 1, I’ve all the special editions but right now the materials and the shape are not the same. Next year will be the 20th anniversary of Am97…in Italy I see you’ve a special edition of the silver colorway… WOEI and Patta have the exclusive for the gold one here in the Netherlands for the the upcoming release.


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